Great North Walk – Kimberley

A fascinating and very informative historical walk that spans the City Centre and the Kimberley North suburb.
Sites such as where the first traffic lights in Kimberley were erected, the Executioner’s Yard, the pretty Victorian Kimberley Station, Cecil Rhodes’ De Beers Mining Company Boardroom and another big hole in Kimberley, the De Beers Mine (recently filled in) are visited.

The walk commences at the Savoy Hotel which opened its doors in 1892. Some 41 authentic sites are visited and the walk follows a four kilometre trail. A detailed guide book on the walk written by a well known Kimberley-based tourist guide is on sale at the Savoy Hotel.

You will get much more out of all these tours by booking an accredited tourist guide to accompany you. In addition, we recommend that you visit the NOCCI Tourism Centre at the Big Hole (Tel: 053 8304426) for a detailed tourist guide book and other tourist information.

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  1. Savoy Hotel
  2. Siege Buildings
  3. Traffic Lights
  4. Market Square
  5. The Market Shelter
  6. The Kimberley City Hall
  7. Electric Street Lights
  8. 1890 Pioneer Memorial
  9. The Kimberley Tram Depot
  10. Standard Bank
  11. Consolidated Buildings
  12. Diamond Fields Advertiser
  13. De Beers Benefit Society Building
  14. De Beers Head Office
  15. The Stables
  16. Town Talk (The Grand Hotel)
  17. Griqualand West Supreme Court
  18. Executioner’s Yard
  19. The Old Transvaal Road Police Station
  20. Police Memorial
  21. Pioneer Cemetery
  22. No 9 Tapscott Street – built by George Church as a wedding gift for his son
  1. No. 22 Tapscott Street – murderess Daisy De Melker lived here when visiting her sister
  2. No. 25 Goodwin Street – built in 1900 for the chemist WH Helmore
  3. No. 19 Carr Street – built in 1897 and is a conservation worthy site
  4. Rugby House
  5. Don McHardy Memorial Fountain
  6. Victorian Railway Station
  7. Transport Museum
  8. De Beers Bridge
  9. St Alban’s Church
  10. The Vicarage
  11. Gladstone School
  12. De Beers Swimming Pool (now filled in)
  13. Cecil Rhodes’ De Beers Mining Company Boardroom
  14. Thusong Children’s Home
  15. The De Beers Mine
  16. The Constance Hall
  17. Cold Storage Building
  18. Kimberley Athletics Club Grounds
  19. Oriental Building

Source: The Kimberley Meander